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Director of Business Transformation

Exciting Opportunity: Director of Business Transformation and M&A Excellence in Mobility Electrification


Are you a dynamic leader ready to contribute to the electrifying future of mobility? We’re seeking an exceptional individual to take on the role of Director of Business Transformation and M&A Excellence at a global Mobility Electrification Solutions Partner. This leading organization is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing customized interconnect and high-precision system solutions for electric vehicles (EVs).


Why Join?

  • Global Impact: Our client is fully committed to the mobility market, accelerating the ideas and requirements of EV market customers with end-to-end competencies in battery systems, power, and signal interconnect needs.
  • Innovation Hub: This international company boasts a team of more than 7,000 employees across the globe. Their activities are socially responsible, with a minimal environmental impact.
  • Electrify Faster: At their organization, they’re not just a company; they’re a driving force, electrifying the future at an accelerated pace.

Key Responsibilities:

M&A Marvel:

  • Mastermind Due Diligence: Lead and orchestrate due diligence activities with precision, aligning with their commitment to excellence in product, process, and manufacturing.
  • Integration Guru: Project manage the integration process with the same speed and agility that defines their approach to the EV market.

Cultural Catalyst:

  • Harmonize Cultures: Facilitate the alignment of organizational cultures, reflecting their commitment to socially responsible practices.
  • Innovation Virtuoso: Identify opportunities for organizational updates, roles, and responsibilities alignment, and develop strategies for employee placement and retention, all in line with their unique company culture.

Process Pioneer:

  • Landscape Artist: Compare process landscapes and optimize financial and operational processes, contributing to their global impact.
  • IT Virtuosity: Assess system technologies, compose an integration plan, and develop an IT strategy in harmony with global business strategies.

Transformation Trailblazer:

  • Process Optimization Maestro: Lead the optimization of key business processes, transforming challenges into opportunities in the rapidly evolving EV market.
  • Benchmarking: Uncover opportunities for cost reduction and resource optimization through benchmarking, ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation.

Key Requirements:

  • A BS degree in engineering, business, supply chain, or related, MBA preferred
  • Previous experience leading business-related projects such as plant closures, plant or product line relocation, has managed strategic projects & also M&A projects
  • Must have a strong total picture of manufacturing
  • Able to travel 75% domestically & internationally (this is a remote position)
  • Can also open & expand plants

Join Us and Electrify Faster! If you are ready to be part of a global leader in mobility electrification solutions, apply now and be the Director of a symphony of success.