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Dayton, Ohio

Senior Production Manager


Senior Production Manager



About the Company: Rev up your career with a premier automotive supplier at the forefront of innovation! Their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is a playground for cutting-edge production. Buckle up for a thrilling ride as they boast an exceptional track record of performance and employee retention, setting the pace in the fast lane of automotive excellence. They offer exceptional benefits including a car allowance, significant bonus potential, and one of the best paid-time-off programs out there!


Position Summary: Fuel your passion for automotive excellence as their Senior Production Manager. This role isn’t just about overseeing; it’s about steering the wheel of Welding, Painting & Assembly production areas, Conveyor Systems and Maintenance, and other production-related activities. You will lead a team of professionals and non-union production employees totaling north of 500 people.


Position Responsibilities:

  • Gear Up: Direct and manage a significant production operation, channeling your inner race car driver leading a winning team of 500+ non-union employees.
  • Pit Crew Coordination: Collaborate with departmental drivers to ensure manufacturing objectives are not just met but zoom past in a blur of timely and cost-effective achievement.
  • Turbocharged Finances: Develop and wield business plans and budgets like a financial speed demon, navigating the twists and turns of success.
  • Performance Overdrive: Establish and monitor an unparalleled standard for plant performance in terms of production and quality – they don’t just aim for the finish line; they break through it.
  • Efficiency Boost: Minimize labor overtime and repair expenses, ensuring their operation runs smoother than a well-tuned engine.
  • SCORE on the Track: Infuse the essence of SCORE procedures into every aspect of their production realm, making safety, cleanliness, and efficiency the winning trio.
  • Nitro-Infused Morale: Elevate departmental spirits through the alchemy of improved communication, follow-up, and a results-oriented team approach – they’re a team that celebrates every lap completed.
  • Leadership Grand Prix: Provide leadership and training that not only achieves but surpasses their company’s goals and objectives, leading the pack in the automotive race.
  • Decision Victory Lap: Participate in corrective action, counseling, and employment-related decisions, showcasing your prowess in the art of decisive leadership – every decision propels them forward.
  • Pit Stop Ready: Embrace other duties and responsibilities as required, always ready for the next exciting challenge in this automotive adventure.


  • Educational Pit Crew: Bachelor’s Degree in Business or a Technical field.
  • Track Record: 10+ years of production management experience in the automotive manufacturing realm.
  • Tech on the Fast Lane: Proficiency with computers is second nature to you – you’re as comfortable with tech as a driver is with their steering wheel.
  • Leadership Pit Stop: Excellent leadership, interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills – you’re the pit crew chief, orchestrating success with precision.

Work Environment:

  • Race Track Vibes: Immerse yourself in a plant environment where every day is a thrilling lap in the automotive race.

Ready to rev your engines as our Automotive Production Guru? Join their team for the ultimate ride in crafting the future of automotive excellence!