Eight weeks into the new NFL season we have already seen a lot of teams blow a victory in the final minutes because of poor time management. Each time you hear the announcers say the same thing “They aren’t playing with a sense of urgency.”

Urgency can be the difference between sitting on the sidelines crying and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. In the job search, urgency can make the difference just like it can in football. Urgency can make the difference between getting your next great opportunity and crying in the car during your lunch break. Demonstrating a sense of urgency is particularly important when you are working with a recruiter. We are under pressure to quickly find great candidates for our clients. Your urgency shows us you are serious about the role and not just wasting everyone’s time.

Here are some tips for to demonstrate your urgency:

  • Respond to recruiter messages promptly. When a recruiter reaches out to you with a role you are interested in, respond in 24 hours. This shows you are serious about the role and easy to work with.
  • Be prepared to move quickly. If a recruiter presents you with an opportunity you are interested in, be ready to move quickly. This may mean scheduling an interview on short notice or providing your references right away.
  • Be transparent about your timeline and wants. If you are only interested in certain types of roles or if you have a specific timeline for finding a new job, communicate this upfront. This will help a recruiter better understand your needs and match you with the right opportunities.
  • Be ready to accept an offer/negotiate. If you are given the offer, be ready to accept or negotiate within 24 hours. This also means being mentally prepared to give your notice to your current employer.

Urgency is essential for success in the job search, just like it is in football. By following the tips above, you can demonstrate to recruiters that you are serious about finding the right opportunity and that you are eager to move forward quickly. So put on your game face and show recruiters that you’re ready to score the winning touchdown!


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