Ghosting is not cool!

Recently, a colleague of mine posted a survey on LinkedIn regarding candidate “Ghosting”. It was a great survey that highlights how often this is happening in the recruiting business, and unfortunately, it’s happening more and more to both external and company internal recruiters.

I’ve had it happen several times over the last year with candidates that I’ve presented great offers to. In a few of those cases, once the candidate received the offer, they just disappeared…no contact, no response in any way, shape or form. At first, I was truly worried that something happened to them, such as an accident or even getting the virus. My clients were truly concerned as well. Ultimately, through some networking, I found out the candidates just really preferred to stay at their current employer and used their offers as leverage to get something more out of their company. Absolutely unprofessional!!!

If you don’t want to take a job, just communicate so everyone can move on. Playing these kind of games burns bridges and hurts an organization trying to hire. It sets them back in their quest to get their position filled. I’ve always had the philosophy that if the job is not right, or something has changed, I understand and would support your decision. But ghosting…not cool at all!


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